Broken code 002

As practise for a new coding language, Processing, I programmed a cell-like entity that crawled around following the computer mouse in a way that was inspired by cells finding their target using chemotaxis (link to wikipedia). After changing something in the code by mistake, the cell started to subsequently take various unpredictable shapes, some of which I’ve captured and put together. It is as if my coded creature mutated and became another species, as happens occasionally in nature.

Broken code – 2D Fourier transform

When I was working on the code for the 2D Fourier transform images, I experimented with the Fourier transform before transforming it back into an image. I replaced parts of the 2D Fourier transform with an arbitrary number and no imaginary part. It sounds a bit weird, “imaginary part”, but part of a Fourier transform is expressed in imaginary numbers and is actually very important in case of the 2D Fourier transform to make sense of images, so removing it may not be a good idea… Below an example is shown of what the 2D Fourier transform looked like before turning it into an image (only the real part is plotted):

What came out were geometric line patterns mixed with some of the information from the original image. To me these patterns were unpredictable, but through lengthy experimentation I was able to create some interesting patterns. However, I’m unsure whether I can take credit for the resulting images as I did not set out to design them, they are the result of a broken code, hence the name.