The box project

This project started when I got frustrated with the amount of cardboard boxes coming into work and the house. I noticed, however, that I like the action of opening the type of glue-less boxes to firstly find out what’s inside and secondly, after fully unfolding them, revealing their shape. I realised they could provide a good canvas for paintings. As I like to go hiking and make photo’s I started using these photo’s to make the box paintings. This is a nice way to up-cycle the boxes and make a container not just for things, but for special memories.


I would like to do the same for other people. The idea is as follows: Someone sends me a photo of a landscape that has a special memory attached to them. In return I’ll send them a used box that upon opening reveals nothing inside, but after unfolding shows them their personalised painting.


If you’re interested in receiving a personal box painting, drop me a line and attach the photo(s) you would like me to use.


Click here to see some examples of box paintings and the photographs they are based on.