Welcome to Wee aye-aye

Wee aye-aye is a website for science-inspired art and design. The aim is to not only show you my works, but also to explain the science behind them and hopefully to introduce you to some interesting ideas and concepts from different fields of science including neuroscience.

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Welcome to Wee aye-aye


My name is Rozan Vroman and I am an artist, neurobiologist, musician and all-round geek for the ‘wonders of life’. From childhood I’ve been fascinated by the patterns and structures found in nature, and how they seem to be replicated­­­­ across different scales, from the miniature such as synaptic connections, to the life scale found in trees and corals, to the massive, which is seen in distribution of stars and galaxies.


I use several mediums to try to capture a range of themes, from turning old cardboard boxes into expressionist original artworks as a way of upcycling to reduce the waste produced by our consumerist society, to transforming photographs with meaning to people into original pieces of art using my own computer code that I write based on how the brain processes visual and auditory information.

Most of the works on the site are for sale as prints or, if they are hand crafted, original pieces and prints. A key part of what I do however, is to take people’s important images, photographs and memories and turn them into original artworks that are both one of a kind and hold special meaning to the people I make them for. So if you like the work on this site, but want an original piece that is unique and special to you or someone you know, please contact me using the form to discuss commissions – I can offer a range of techniques from hand-crafted images to computer generated art based on your own images. In addition, I can also offer design services such as illustrations, cover-art and logo-design. If you have any other ideas or want my help with anything, just send me an email.



Rozan Vroman, February 2019